"I found it very rewarding. It was some of the best time I spent over the last year."

"I found myself learning a lot and kind of challenging my own thoughts on leadership and refreshing them. I found that during the process, I was at least remembering things and making sure that I was applying leadership techniques in the things that we were talking about in our own organization."

Peter Farrow, Chief Executive Officer, Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire

Mentors are integral to the success of the Executive Leadership Program (ELP) and Executive Leadership Program for Medical Directors (ELP-MD). Mentors provide knowledge, support, unique experience and inspiration to the Fellows.

At the start of each year, Fellows are paired with CEOs, COOs, CMO's and senior-level vice presidents from a non-competing company. Mentors participate in conference calls with their Fellow throughout the year and host a one- to three-day site visit at the mentor's organization.

Won't you be a Voice of Experience?

Each year, mentors share with us how much they gained from the experience, including learning from the Fellow. In addition, benefits include reduced registration fees at AHIP's Institute and National Policy Forum.

For more information about becoming a mentor, please contact Precious Elliott at 202.778.8451 or pelliott@ahip.org.